All of us, at some point in time, experience a CODE R.E.D., where we feel trapped or stuck in life. Many of us think we’re limited due to people who do not want to see us succeed, limited finances, or past experiences. However, it is often US, our negative thinking, our lack of vision, our fears that stand in our way of achieving our goals/dreams. Well, it’s time to RING THE ALARM… and make a change!


The corresponding journal, CODE R.E.D.: Journal to Your Enlightenment, which focuses on providing you with the tools and strategies to assist you with learning how to get out of your own way and activate your purpose.

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Dear Fear

The Dear Fear Book was inspired by visionary author, Tiana Patrice. I was honored to be one of the contributing authors in Dear Fear, Volume 3. The goal of the Dear Fear Book is to assist others with learning how to challenge their own fears by reading the personal stories and strategies of the authors. Go ahead and grab your copy today!

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